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Braial / Galati ports

Port of Braila

Braila is one of the largest Romanian river ports, located on the bank of the Danube River.
This port plays a key role in transportation infrastructure, having a significant impact on river transportation in the region.
Located on the Danube River, connected to the Black Sea by the Sulina Canal, it accommodates both passenger and cargo vessels, providing efficient transport routes across the Danube and contributing to the trade and economic development of the region.
The Sulina Canal, connecting the port of Braila to the Black Sea, plays an important role in the water transportation route, providing efficient paths for vessels navigating between the port of Braila and the Black Sea.
Due to its advantageous location and strategic importance, the port of Braila and the associated Sulina Canal remain integral components of the river transport system, promoting trade and regional economic development.

Port of Galati

Situated on the left bank of the Danube, approximately 150 km upstream, Galati (Galati) emerges as a prominent Romanian river port.
The depth within the riverbed ranges from 8.5 to 20 meters.
Thanks to the region’s mild climate in recent years, the port has remained practically ice-free.
Its primary exports include metal products, timber, cement, chemicals, and industrial machinery, while key imports comprise grain, fertilizers, and oil.
Closest to the borders of Moldova and Ukraine.
Total area: 864,131 sqm
Number of berths: 56
Principal activity – bulk cargo services.
A project to build a multimodal complex is currently under implementation.

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