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Sulina Canal

PROFORMA DA via Sulina channel

Romanian Sulina Canal, is a branch of the Danube River that connects the river ports of Romania, Ukraine and Moldova with the Black Sea.
With its centuries-old history, the Sulina became world famous in 2022, when the war in Ukraine started.
Romanian’s Sulina canal and Ukrainian Bystriy Canals, – became the only alternative for exporting agro-products from this region.
Port Sulina is a transit port via which all vessels pass from the Black Sea to the Danube ports and vice versa. It is located on the right bank of the river and has a number of berths where 4 vessels with a maximum length of 130 metres can be moored at the same time. The port of Sulina is connected to the sea by a channel separated by bar on both sides. Vessels with deadweight of 10,000 tonnes or more are subject to port formalities at the canal roadstead.
The maximum draught of the Sulina canal is 7.01m +10-15cm upon prior agreement with the administration.
For the last few years Sulina has not frozen over, so all vessels can enter the canal without warning.
According to weather conditions, Sulina can be closed in case of strong wind or high waves.
Navigation on the canal is only possible during daylight hours. Special equipment has been installed on the section of the canal from mile 23 to mile 0 in 2023 to allow vessels to navigate in the dark, only in the direction of the Black Sea.
In the port of Sulina, a vessel can take fresh water, as well as unload rubbish. Other types of provisions are not available in the port of Sulina.
The cost of the Sulina Canal passage depends on the size of the vessel and its condition (ballast or in load)
To pass the Sulina Canal a vessel must have a Sulina tonnage certificate or a Suec tonnage certificate. In the absence of such, the Harbour Master will oblige the vessel to make this document directly in Sulina.
The proforma DA usually includes:
– channel dues (the 2024 tariff is considerably less than 2023)
– channel pilotage (depends on the port of destination)
– harbour Master’s dues
– water / rubbish
– mooring / unmooring (in case of commission at the canal road, this invoice is missing.)
– lighthouse dues
– agents’ fees.
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