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The Danube is a river, and one of the largest in Europe. 

In order to arrive at one of its ports, a vessel has to travel a long way….

So, your vessel has arrived at Sulina and has sent a NOA. Now it’s just a matter of getting into port. And that’s where the fun begins. 

According to the rules of navigation on the lower Danube, the speed of a vessel in the channel cannot be more than 10 knots. According to the same rules, navigation for vessels is allowed in the daytime, except for the section from 0 to 36 miles (upstream navigation is allowed 24 hours a day from 2024, according to information received from the canal administration).


And now some figures:

36 miles from the entrance to the Romanian canal Sulina to the port of Tulcea – that’s about 4 hours of the vessel’s journey, taking into account that the latter will not have to slow down or even stop to let oncoming vessels pass.

Mile 44 (Çatal) is the anchorage from where vessels go to the Ukrainian port of Izmail. To reach it a vessel needs at least 5 hours of time after port control.

64 mile (anchorage of the Ukrainian port of Reni) – 8 hours minimum.

71 mile – anchorage of Moldavian port Giurgiulesti – 10 hours minimum.

Romanian port of Galati – about 12 hours of passage.

Romanian port of Braila – about 14 hours of passage. 


It should be taken into account the fact that the working shift of the pilot is 8-10 hours, plus a short daylight hours in winter. All these factors make it practically impossible to pass from the entrance to the Romanian channel Sulina to the port of destination in one day, except for the port of Tulcea and 44 miles.

As a consequence, the vessel needs to spend 2 days travelling to the port.

The situation is similar when the vessel goes to the open sea. 

If these are remote Danube ports, then more often than not the vessel needs 2 days to reach the Black Sea.

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