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Significant increase winds and high waves observed in the western Black Sea have a significant impact on maritime activities in the region, that is why we can observe an increase in vessel congestion on the roadsteads of the Romanian Sulina Canal and the Ukrainian Bystriy Canal. As a result, the waiting time has increased from 1 to 3-4 days. All this may affect the overall mood of players in the Danube market.
According to the weather website,29.432,7 wind strength in this part of the Black Sea basin is in the range S 6-7.
In this regard, navigation in the Danube region and the port of Constanta is temporarily suspended to prevent possible incidents and to ensure the safety of vessels and their crews.
Inner harbour activities are permitted, subject to wind gusts, at the discretion of the harbour authorities and the vessel master.
Bulgarian ports are also exposed to high waves and increased winds.
These restrictions began to apply from 11 February 2024.
These conditions are forecast to persist until 13 February 2024, so it is recommended to take appropriate precautions and follow weather forecast updates.
According to statistics of of Avalon Shipping company, in recent years, navigation in the Black Sea has been partially or completely suspended for about one third of this time during the winter period. However, the Black Sea did not freeze in this part, and the ice company was not announced. These figures underline the need to be prepared for extreme weather conditions and the importance of taking proactive measures to minimise risks and ensure the safety of maritime transport in the Black Sea basin.
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worsening weather conditions in the Black Sea

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