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If your vessel’s destination is one of the Danube ports, such as Braila, Galati, Tulcea – Romania, Giurgiulesti – Moldova, Izmail, Reni, Kiliya – Ukraine, you should understand what services you can get in these ports.
Bunkering. In addition to bunkering in some ports, bunkering is also available at 61 Mile (Reni anchorage area). However, it should be noted that this service is only available to vessels that are then going to Ukrainian ports.
Repair works can be carried out at Izmail Shipyard (Ukraine)
Food supplies and fresh water are available in all ports on the lower Danube.
At the roadstead of the Romanian Sulina Canal and the Ukrainian Bystriy Canal, – water and provisions can be delivered in small quantities by special boat.
The availability of Medicine is very meagre. For small illnesses, emergency medical assistance can be provided to a crew member directly in port or at the roadstead.
For more serious illnesses, assistance is available in Constanta (Romania), Chisinau (Moldova), Odessa (Ukraine).
Availability of withdrawal terminals in all Lower Danube ports.
The closest transfer is Bucharest Airport (Romania), Chisinau (Moldova), in Ukraine air transport is still unavailable.
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