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The situation on the border between Ukraine and Poland has become even more stressful over the past week. Polish farmers have completely blocked all border crossing points for both lorries and railway wagons. In addition, passengers of travelling buses are also suffering, who have essentially become hostages of the situation.
Let’s return to logistics. What does the Danube and the Polish border have to do with it, you may ask?
Of course, if Ukraine loses the opportunity to export grain through land corridors, the only export option left is by sea. But even here everything is not so clear-cut. Ukraine’s deep-sea ports are constantly under fire.
The Danube remains the only alternative more or less stable for sea logistics.
The main direction is barges, as they can be used to deliver cargoes by the shortest route to European countries.
In addition, special attention is and will be paid to container transport. Here import, which Ukraine needs so much, will become more accessible.
In any case, there is a desire and opportunities. Romania is a country that supports Ukraine in every possible way, so there will be no obstacles from its side.

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