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After the opening of Ukraine’s seaports, the Danube region has again fallen by the wayside. We see a significant reduction of vessels at the Romanian Sulina Canal and the Ukrainian Bystriy Canal.
As of 5 February 2024, there are about 15 vessels on the Sulina Canal.
There is also no traffic queue at the Danube inland roadstead. The average waiting time to sail to the Black Sea is 1-3 days.
For the Romanian ports of Braila, Galati and the Moldovan river port of Giurgiulesti, the average waiting time is 1-2 days.
The draught and loading speed significantly influence the interest of ship owners and charterers to work on the Danube market.
The most common exports from Ukraine are still wheat, soya, pulses, peas, sunflower oil.
If you need advice on Danube ports, please feel free to contact us.

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