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Grain export through the Danube ports plays a significant role in the agricultural and economic landscape of the countries along this historic river. The Danube, Europe’s second-longest river, flows through ten countries, providing a vital waterway that connects the agricultural heartlands of Eastern and Central Europe to the Black Sea and beyond.
Cargo traffic vis the Danube ports significantly reduced in 2024. This is due to several factors.
Firstly, Ukrainian seaports started to operate at 100 per cent capacity.
Secondly, the last harvest season is coming to an end. Everyone is waiting for the new one. Some traders do not want to sell grain in the hope of selling more expensive in the future.
Nevertheless, we have good indicators of work in the Danube ports. The Ukrainian port of Izmail is in first place, with almost 69 % of total exports. The honourable 3rd place was taken by the Moldavian port of Giurgiulesti.
In terms of destination ports, Turkey and Italy lead the way.

We are waiting for the new harvest.
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